Success stories

Molly's Story

personality bannerReported as a stray, a small, thin, longhaired ginger cat with a dull and uncared for coat was picked up by our collection officer. She was given food and a warm comfortable bed for the night.
No ordinary cats bannerWhen taken to the vet next day for a routine health check, Molly, as we had named her, was suspected of having a possible thyroid problem. A blood sample was taken and proved positive for hyperthyroidism. The treatment for this over active thyroid was that of surgery to cat illustrationremove her thyroid gland, but Molly’s heart rate was too fast to permit the vet to operate safely. Tablets were prescribed to help regulate her heart rate which had the desired effect. Molly then had a successful operation to remove the offending gland. At the same time all of the knots in her long haired coat were removed.
After surgery Molly went to stay with one of our foster carers to recuperate. She recovered well and has now gained some weight. Molly is a very contented cat and is happy receiving much love and comfort in her new home.

Tyson's story

TysonTyson, a two year old male, came to us as a result of a court order. He would never be permitted to return to his home. Initially he was very unsettled and anxious, hiding from anyone who approached him. He was so stressed that Tyson was even wetting his bed. We noted he was rather guarded when being touched on his right side so we asked the vet to check why this may be. It turned out Tyson had a previous injury on this side, which had healed, but has left him a little wary of being touched in that area.

After lots of TLC and much gentle coaxing Tyson's character emerged as a very affectionate and playful cat. He loved interacting with the volunteers, greeting them with cuddles and then making sure they knew to provide his fresh food. If anyone happened to touch his right side more than Tyson wanted he would very gently let them know to move their hand. When it was time for volunteers to leave the pens Tyson would tilt his head and look at them in a way which inspired the most servere of guilt trips!

Having overcome his fear of adults Tyson remains wary of children. His new home is child free which means he is able to fully relax and make the most of all the affection and care being offered there.