Branch Updates

We are now working with minimal restrictions

2022 Calendars are available - see within the support us section please and thank you. 

We also have a Christmas Hampurr raffle available - please see the support us section for details. 

We have had cats in care throughout much of the pandemic and have been rehoming them through our hands free homing procedures. This process is continuing in most ways

We are still offering the £5 neuter and chip scheme - some of our vets are not able to take vouchers at the current time due to backlogs so there is a partial suspension of the neuter offer but please email for more information. 

We have been posting lost and found cats throughout the pandemic and this continues

Fundraising has been limited to online only but we are still paying all of our usual vet bills and many expenses so all donations are very gratefully received right now.  We will be starting some face to face fundraising again very soon.