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Older Cats Need Love Too

16 August 2014
Older Cats Need Love Too

Last year, we were able to rehome Tommy, one of our long-term residents with Ellen and Andrew, a lovely couple in Elgin. Tommy had an overactive thyroid, which can be a common condition as cats get older.

Tommy, the black and white cat pictured left, was quite a character, (with his distinctive “singing voice”!) and very quickly become loved in his new home. So much so that, when another hyperthyroid cat came in to us looking for a home, we wondered whether the same couple might be willing to take her on as well? Happily, they agreed and now Tuppence, shown below, soon moved in with her new “brother”. Tommy and Tuppence were both over 12 years old and their new owners (servants?) asked us to reassure people who might have been put off into taking on an older cat, especially one with this condition. Tommy and Tuppence have given Ellen and Andrew so much joy and the cats had a new lease of life.

There are now special diets available for hyperthyroid cats (both wet and dry food), so prospective owners need not worry about having to give pills or other medication. Cats’ Protection can help with advice and, in some circumstances, the cost of special food and vet bills related to the condition. If you have room in your heart and your home for an older cat, please consider taking one on. Older cats can bring special benefits – they are often quieter and less destructive than a kitten might be! – and, like all cats, they are just looking for that special person and place to share their twilight years with.

Sadly, Tommy passed away this summer, but without wonderful people such as Ellen and Andrew, he would never have had such a lovely home for his last 18 months.