Stray Cats

We get quite a few stray cats in our branch and there are strict guidelines in place to ensure that they are properly dealt with as regards to Property Law.

These cats are firstly checked to see if they are micro chipped. The lost and found registers are also checked.

Stray cats are advertised widely as possible as found cats to ensure that the cat is a genuine stray. We can also provide ‘paper collars’ with the branch telephone number on it which we put on the cat asking if the cat has an owner that he/she please contact us, there are occasions where cats are mistakenly assumed to be strays but are in fact owned pet cats who like to roam. The cat is checked over by the vet, who is informed that it may have an owner until we can establish its status. The vet can then decide whether any treatment is urgent or may be postponed until its ownership is established.

After a suitable period of 2 to 4 weeks, if the cat has not been claimed, the cat can be assumed to be a stray and the branch takes ownership of the cat. We can then take care of its treatment, neutering and re-homing.