Rural homes needed

Not all cats like to snuggle up on a bed at night. There are many cats who prefer to live outdoors in rural locations such as on farms, stables, small holding etc.

At the National Cat Adoption Centre, we have a number of cats looking for a perfect outside space to make their home.

These cats come into our care for various reasons and have varied reasons for wanting a rural home.

Typically, cats looking for rural home can generally wait longer to find the rural home they are after.

For peace of mind, every cat is microchipped, neutered, vaccinated and treated for fleas and worms before leaving our Centre. There is an adoption fee of £50 per cat and we bring everything that your new cat will need to start their new life.

If you feel you have the sort of home these types of cats would be looking for please contact us on:

Success with cats rehomed to rural homes by NCAC
We have had great success with the rural homes that we have been rehomed from the NCAC. 

Most rural cats go to stables, farms or small holdings where the owners are looking for rodent control and this is the main reason they come to us. However we do find some different rural homes from time to time such as Pippa’s home.

Pippa was brought in because of her unpredictable behaviour and, although a friendly lady who liked human company, she did have the tendency to bite people. This made her a perfect candidate for an rural home. Pippa was adopted after being with for a month. As you can see she is very happy in her rural home, and keeping the mouse population under control.

Shade, came to us a stray cat who had been roaming around for months. When he arrived he had a microchip and unfortunately he had been missing for years and the owner could no longer have Shade back. Shade with us was very wary and didn’t want any human interaction from us. We homed him to a small holding where he had the option to interact and go in the house. As you can now see Shade is very happy. 

Sparky was brought into us as he wasn’t getting on with the children and was known to attack without any warning. This made him a perfect candidate for a rural home and he absolutely loved to hunt as well. He has settled in very well and enjoying his new life. 

“Elvis comes to meet us every morning and evening for his food and runs back into his stable to eat. He confident with the horses, greets everyone who comes to the yard. He has had cuddles, treats, love and affection he can usually be found sleeping on top on the hay bales or watching the world go by.”

“Thunderbolt & Lightening are very brave and curious! Lots of leaves to chase in the wind! They’ve settled in well and are very sociable.” 

“Billabong has now moved into the other barn we have and is now interacting with us. She likes to be picked up for cuddles, is a prolific mouser and seems generally content. We love her.”