Success stories

It is easy to become attached to all the cats in our care. So, when they are rehomed, we love to hear about how well they are settling in. 

Here are some recent success stories, including some of the Cat of the Month titleholders

Hopefully, you might feel inspired by these stories and be interested in homing a new pet soon. 

Hedgehog was one of the cats rescued from extreme conditions in a multi-cat household. 

When he came to us, Hedgehog was only very small. Although he came to us in good health, he was shy and in need of special care.

Given his growing charm and good looks, we had high hopes for Hedgehog and we were especially pleased when he was given a new home. His new family reports that he is doing very well and is now named Pepa

You can read about some of the cats who have been rehomed by clicking on their stories in the side bar.

If you have been kind enough to give a new home to a cat from the NCAC, why not send us an update. We always like to hear from our former residents, and we might even share your stories and photos with others on our website or Facebook page.