Age doesn't matter to Gorgeous Rita

Older cats are always more difficult to rehome. Not necessarily because of any logical reasons.

Sometimes people think they won't have many more years with their new pet, or believe they could be taking on more than they want to handle. The decision can be especially difficult if the cat has a health condition.

Thankfully, those people who do see the opportunity in welcoming an older cat into their family usually benefit from years of love and memories.  

"We thought for several weeks before adopting Rita,' we were told by the lucky couple who took her to their home. "Not because of her age or kidney problems, but because our other cat is a diva. 

"We just didn't want such a lovely, cuddly, affectionate oldie to spend the end of her life away from her own home.

"What we didn't expect was for her to take on a new lease of life - racing round the garden, swinging off curtains and spending what seems like the whole night purring on our bed.

"Rita is also very calm and tolerant of our other cat and has fitted in very well.

"Granted, Rita's special diet and tablets make her more expensive than some pets, but the happiness she brings to our lives is priceless."