Didi's on a diet

When Digger left our care she was overweight but, thanks for a strict veterinary diet and a name-change to a more feminine Didi, this cat is back on track to a healthy lifestyle.

"Didi has settled in well,' new owner Liz told us. "She was pretty stressed when we got her home and threw up a couple of times. She didn't eat or drink or toilet, but she lay down next to me for a cuddle to see the new year in. I think I might need a wider sofa though!

"She decided to join me in bed around 5.30 the next morning for a snuggle and later she used her litter tray.

"We couldn't find her mid-morning yesterday but, after a search of the house, I realised she had hidden herself under my turned-down duvet with just her paws visible. It was really funny to see. She stayed there for about six hours and had a lovely long relaxing sleep and now seems much happier and more at home.

"She is still exploring everywhere but isn't quite so spooky everytime there is a sound she doesn't recognise. She likes to check in with us for a cuddle every so often, pressing up against me purring her head off. Like everything else about her, it's a BIG purr."