Thinking of adopting a cat? Read this...

You are thinking of adopting a cat from the National Cat Adoption Centre. You have visited our website and seen all the wonderful cats we have available all looking for a new loving home. You have even visited the centre, and have fallen in love with the purrfect moggy.

But you do not have any idea of the costs of caring for a cat.

Here detailed are the approximate costs of owning and caring for your new cat.

When adopting your cat from the National Cat Adoption Centre your cat will have been vaccinated, microchipped, neutered, flead and wormed and regularly checked by a vet all for the adoption fee of £80 - and we will even start you off with four weeks free pet insurance, too.

The ongoing costs will be the upkeep of the yearly vaccinations to protect against disease, some of which can be fatal.

In addition, regular flea and worm treatment and of course pet insurance to cover the cost of accident, illness or injury, as vet bills can all be very expensive. a

It’s always wise to invest in some toys for your cat, to create exercise opportunities, and stimulation and enrichment, and help your cat to hone their hunting skills.

Even homemade toys can be a wonder, and you will be amazed on how creative you can be with some cardboard inner tubes from toilet rolls, straws, bottle tops, newspaper etc.

A scratching post is a must. Without one there may well be an issue with any furniture you are wanting to protect.

It is a natural act for a cat to scratch, as this action, keeps there claws in trim, keeps them short and in condition, so they will search a hard scratchable object to meet this need, so their own scratching post will serve them and you  well.

Investing in a bed for them is likely an unnecessary expense as your new cat, will want to sleep where you do, on your bed, sleep on your settee/armchair, and they will find their own cosy warm space to sleep.

A better investment may be some blankets or something soft and fluffy that you can perhaps lay about, and they will seek them out to lay on.

Basic Cost of Care

Monthly Average
Food: £30 (if not on a prescription diet)
Cat litter: £2 - £4 
Vaccinations: £45 per year
Flea treatment: £2 - £4 
Worming: £2
Insurance: £5-£15+ (depending on age)
Toys: variable

One-off Costs
Neutering: Male £30 - £50 / Female £60 - £80
Microchipping : £20