Collars for cats are a bad idea

The National Cat Adoption Centre does not advocate collars for cats.

We have seen too many injuries caused by collars, where cats have got theirselves caught up while playing, hunting or even trying to escape from danger.

In their desperation to get clear, their legs can get stuck within the collar, or the collar can travel down around their chest, all the time getting tighter and biting into their body, and even causing terrible open sores.

Collars are not needed for identification purposes because you can now get your cat microchipped. But, if you are an owner who would like for your cat to be better seen with the use of a reflective collar or want a bell to warn wildlife of the presence of a cat, we recommend only using a snap release collar, which are available in our shop at the NCAC.

Should your cat get caught up or tangled, it can escape any risk in which it finds itself.

Please think carefully before deciding whether or not to give your cat a collar.