Dedicated care gives kittens a fighting chance

We know that our team at the National Cat Adoption Centre is committed to providing the best care for cats and kittens. Sometimes, though, we are called on to go the extra mile to help cats in need of special support.

When Bean came into our care she had given birth to four kittens only days before. Sadly, Bacon, the smallest of the litter, was in a very weak state and was not feeding from his mum. In fact, Bacon was so poorly, we were unsure if he would make it. 

It was clear that Bean would need urgent support to care for her kittens.

So with veterinary advice, we stepped in to care for Bacon. We soon realised that he was unable to suckle, which may have been the cause for his weakness, so we fed him specially formulated kitten milk from a syringe (as shown here). 

A team of trained staff and volunteers were on hand to feed Bacon every two hours, day and night, and to stimulate him to go to the toilet, as his mother would normally do.

During the day, Bacon would be placed with his mother and siblings, so he would to bond and learn, but the team took over maternal duties at night. 

This 24 hour care involved nights of broken sleep to ensure the kittens received the care they needed and is a prime example of the level of dedication that is shown by our team.  

After some coaxing, Bacon mastered the art of suckling and was moved on to being bottle fed. But things took a turn for the worse for Bean, when two of her other kittens died suddenly overnight. 

Everyone was shocked and upset at the loss of the two kittens, but this only made the team more determined that Bacon and his brother Button Mushroom would get the very best of care from the team at the NCAC.

Three weeks on and Bacon is doing much better now. Without the dedication and commitment of the team during those days and nights, Bacon would have almost certainly died.

We all agree that Bean has done a good job and she no longer needs our help to raise her two beautiful kittens, as these photographs show. 

This is wonderful news for all of us at the NCAC, but especially for those who volunteered to help this mother and her two kittens through the first three weeks of their lives.

Every day we have more than 100 cats and kittens to look after, many of whom have their own special care needs and medical support. 

Without the support of our team of staff and volunteers, hundreds of cats every year would be without a future. Without your help and generous donations, we would not be able to support the cats in need of care.

Please, if you feel that you would like to support our work by volunteering or making a donation, please check here on how you can make a difference. Alternatively,