George and Carrie reunited through microchip

Fortune was smiling on George when he was reunited with his owner after being missing for five years. It wasn’t all luck, though.

When he went missing five years ago, George was considered gone forever. His owner, Carrie had moved home and George went missing soon after.

Thanks to her decision to microchip her cat, Carrie and George have been reunited and are enjoying a happy home life together again.

It seems that George has been living in Eastbourne all this time. A woman took him in as a stray and cared for him as her own. 

When this lady became unwell and had to go into a care home, George was brought to Cats Protection to be rehomed.

Every cat coming into our care in checked for a microchip.

Sadly, many still do not have chips and so cannot be taken home, but George was a lucky cat.

A simple scan identified his microchip and the database revealed details of his original owner.

When we contacted Carrie, she was shocked, thrilled and amazed. Unsurprisingly, she came to the Centre early the next day.

Any cat owner will imagine how Carrie felt when she was reunited with George. He recognised her straight away, purring and enjoying head-rubs. 

Before Carrie came to collect him, George had been quite reserved.

But as soon as he saw and heard Carrie, he came out of his hiding spot and was soon rolling over and interacting with her. 

When we saw that bond restored, there wasn’t a dry eye in the house. A truly happy ending. 

While this is a heartwarming story, it is too rare. Still too many cats come into our care without microchip. 

A cat can be chipped for around £20. Such little cost for peace of mind and the return of a lost cat. 

During June - National Microchipping Month - many vets are running special offers, making it even more worthwhile.