Microchipped cats have greater chance of being reunited with their owners

Microchipped cats have a far greater chance of being reunited with their owners if they become lost or injured, which is why all cats adopted cats from the National Cat Adoption Centre are microchipped.
The National Cat Adoption Centre is once again supporting National Microchipping Month June 2015 to promote microchipping as one of the best methods of pet identification.
A survey conducted by Cats Protection and Your Cat magazine revealed that almost one in two cats that go missing never return. At the National Cat Adoption Centre, we have seen several cases where cats have been able to be reunited with their owners thanks to the presence of a microchip with up to date details
Toby, who came into our care in April this year after being found as a stray, is just one example of a lucky cat reunited with his distraught owner. He went through his initial health check and was scanned for a microchip to ascertain if there was any owner that we would be able to get him back to. Thankfully, a microchip was found.
The unique ID number was put in to the database but we discovered that the details were out of date. As luck would have it, the desperate owner had been phoning around local vets and one was able to confirm that a cat fitting Toby's description had been handed to the NCAC. After identifying Toby as hers and proof of ownership had been supplied, they were happily reunited.
It turns out that Toby had gone walkabout outside his normal area, was picked up and wrongly judged to be a stray because he was elderly. Toby was a stately 22 years old. His owner was very lucky and relieved to get him back.
Not only does Toby's story show how important it is to have your cat microchipped. It also shows how important it is to keep your details up to date. 
Alice was another lucky cat to be reunited with her owner, thanks for microchipping. When Alice turned up at a farm, the lady living there felt sorry for Alice and started to feed her. As time went by, the lady had made a decision to move and couldn’t take Alice with her, so Alice was brought into our care at the NCAC.
Like Toby, Alice was scanned for a microchip and one was found. But, again, the details were out of date and it was only that the owner had contacted a local vet and was pointed in our direction that she was reunited with Alice.
These are just two of many stories of lost but lucky cats. There are many other cats who come into our care where there is no microchip or out of date details.
It is always sad when we have to care for a cat knowing that it comes from a loving home and an owner who is probably distraught, but we cannot reunite them.
National Microchipping Month highlights the importance of microchipping for all pets, please contact your local vet for details,some vets will be offering preferential rates for June.