Lucky Clarence

Update: Clarence is happy in his new home

As can be seen from these photos, Clarence has settled in well with his new family. Now fully recovered from his treatment for inturned eyelids, Clarence is the loving cat we all knew he could be. 
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Clarence is a very lucky cat.

He came to us as he wasn’t getting on with the other cats in his household, having been previously rescued by his current owner.

On admission at the National Cat Adoption Centre, his initial health check quickly showed that in both eyes his lower eyelids were rolling in, causing his eyelashes to rub across his eyes like windscreen wipers.

The pain he must have been in would have been excruciating.

This was likely a condition he was born with. He could barely open his eyes with the pain and constant irritation to his eyes had caused chronic scarring and ulceration to the surface of both eyes.

An urgent operation was booked at the NCAC for a very delicate procedure to remove a section of skin from the lower eyelids, preventing it from rolling in anymore.

The operation was successful and the surface of the right eye has healed completely. His left eye still has some scarring and inflammation, which in time will hopefully resolve with antibiotic eye drops.

Clarence is a very lucky cat because if he hadn’t of come to the NCAC, this condition may have gone unnoticed for longer, increasing his pain and running the risk of him losing his sight entirely.

So, a very lucky cat indeed.

Clarence is now a very affectionate cat and is allowing his true self to shine out as he is no longer in pain, which was masking his wonderful personality.