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A Plea from Freeman

28 October 2017
A Plea from Freeman Hello. My name is Freeman.

I  am a super handsome boy, as you can see… And I am not yet even eight-years-old.

I was rescued as a stray and brought to the NCAC so that they could keep me safe until I could have a home all of my own.

That was back in May and I am still waiting.

Why have I been here for so long? I dont understand?

It's not that I don't like the people at the National Cat Adoption Centre, because I do. Very much. They take great care of me. 

But I want to snuggle up in my forever home. Maybe you can help me achieve my dream.

I spend my days in a special room that has been created for me, called the Enrichment Room. It’s a fabulous place to while away the hours, with lots of hidey holes and places to climb up high and different sleeping areas.

The best bit is it looks out on to an enrichment garden, so I can watch all the wildlife. The garden has been specially planted with plants to attract birds, butterflies and bees. There are squirrel and bird feeders too, and they visit regularly, which brings a lot of excitement to my day.

What I truly wish for is a garden so that I can go out, stroll and sunbathe, and get closer to the wildlife. I want to feel the wind in my fur, the grass between my toes, rather than just looking at it through a window and imagining.  

How is your garden?  Would I love it? If you think I would, please come and visit me. I'm a really friendly lad.

I look forward to meeting you and maybe we can start a special longlasting relationship and you can take me to my new home.

I'm not good on the phone, so the team are waiting to take your call on my behalf: 01825 741331.

If emails are better, please write to them on cattery.reception@cats.org.uk 

Lots of purrs and cat kisses x