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Allergy Awareness Week (26-30 April)

26 April 2021
Allergy Awareness Week (26-30 April) As well as negatively impacting the relationships between people and cats, allergies to pets can in some cases also sadly lead to cats being given up for adoption.

Having partnered with Purina for over 30 years, we’re excited that they have developed PRO PLAN LIVECLEAR cat food.

While PRO PLAN LIVECLEAR is not intended to replace other cat allergen-reduction strategies, it offers another measure that can help reduce the cat allergens in cat-owning households.

Here are five other useful tactics to manage cat allergy symptoms:
  1. Avoid being licked by your cat – it could make symptoms worse!
  2. Create cat-free zones in your home. Especially the bedroom.
  3. Open windows for ventilation.
  4. Keep the house clean and hoover regularly to keep allergens at bay.
  5. Speak to your GP about antihistamines or nasal sprays.

Find out more about coping with your cat allergy in our expert guide.