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Cats at Christmas

01 December 2021
Cats at Christmas Christmas is nearly upon us and as we start to decorate and prepare, it's important that we keep our furry friends' safety in mind. 

Things to remember at Christmas:
  • Keep an eye on your Christmas tree. Christmas trees for cat owners can be a nightmare – especially if your cat likes to climb!
  • Festive plants like poinsettia and berries found in holly and mistletoe are poisonous to cats, so keep them out of reach
  • Tinsel and other decorations can be dangerous if they are swallowed
  • Festive foods are often poisonous for cats – from chocolate and raisins to onions and garlic
  • Cats can feel stressed and anxious at Christmas time. Make sure you give them space and a safe place to hide.
  • Watch our video to find out more about keeping your cat safe during the festive period
 While you might be tempted to provide your feline friend with delicious treats during Christmas time, keeping them away from human food is a big part of keeping your cat safe. Remember, some festive food is poisonous to cats.
  • Onion and garlic can be poisonous, whether they are cooked or raw, so keep your cat away from kitchen counters.
  • Raisins and grapes are also toxic to cats, even in small quantities.
  • With chocolates and sweets doing the rounds at Christmas, cats can be keen to try them too. It is important to remember that chocolate is poisonous to cats, even in tiny amounts, and should never be fed to them. 
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