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Cats on Facebook - Live

06 July 2016
Cats on Facebook - Live Social media is now a huge part of many people’s day-to-day lives, making it easier than ever for cat lovers to catch a glimpse of their favourite pets, as The Cat Magazine's Rebecca Hamilton recently reported.  

The newest trend in social media is live streaming, with Twitter having launched free app Periscope and more recently, Facebook promoting its own live video function. Both allow followers to watch and broadcast video from all over the globe.

Periscope and Facebook Live are presented by staff at the the National Cat Adoption Centre, allowing viewers to virtually ‘meet’ cats from the comfort of their own front room.  

"We know social media is brilliant for helping to find new owners for cats in our care and we’re always looking for new ways to reach out to even more people looking to adopt a cat,' said Cats Protection worker Gemma Croker.

"Viewers get a chance to see cats in a relaxed atmosphere, interacting with staff or resting in their pens. It’s a great way to get a feel for cats in our care and the closest thing to meeting them without physically coming to the centre." 

Live streaming also allows followers to see cats available for homing, something that has been particularly well-received by viewers. There is also hope that it will encourage potential adopters to come forward.

There is always the element of surprise when it comes to working with animals. "Anything could happen,' said Gemma. "But we know anyone who loves cats will really enjoy seeing our feline friends just being themselves."

Cats Protection’s knowledgeable care assistants also offer plenty of advice on a range of subjects, from over-grooming and hunting behaviour to socialisation and the financial implications of owning a cat.

The broadcasts have been so well received that a regular schedule has been launched, with streaming from the NCAC via Facebook Live. This will allow people to plan time in their busy schedules for a feline fix  – the perfect accompaniment to your morning tea break.

Dates for Facebook Live streaming are:

- Monday 25th July at 10am
- Tuesday 9th August at 10am
- Tuesday 23rd August at 9:30am
- Tuesday 6th September at 10am
- Tuesday 4th October at 10am

Links to the broadcasts can be found on the Cats Protection Facebook page:
- http://www.facebook.com/catsprotection