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Cilla longs for the great outdoors

20 November 2020
Cilla longs for the great outdoors Cilla needs a special type of home, one where she can roam freely outside and be more cat.

Sadly, Cilla has been in care at the NCAC since early September. She is a beautiful little cat, full of character, so we are appealing for a special someone to come forward for her.

We are looking for an outdoor home, rather than a more typical home, as she finds the home environment a bit overwhelming.

Cilla prefers to live life by her on rules, do her own thing and greet the people who are visiting. Somewhere she can be more relaxed and confident in herself. She's an independant lady.

If you have a stable yard, farm, garden centre or something of this ilk, somewhere with a lot of human comings and goings, then do contact us as soon as possible.

Let's get Cilla home for Christmas.