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Daisy in Cat of the Month

26 November 2018
Daisy in Cat of the Month Daisy is Cat of the Month.

Daisy might be 13-years-old, but she is still a very sweet girl who likes to play with her toys and loves a tickle under the chin.

She's no push over, though, and likes to take her time when she first meets you. But if you chat to her kindly she will give a little paddy paw, which is very cute.

Daisy likes a chat, too, and is very interested in her surroundings - some might say she is nosey - so an interesting window in her new home would be most entertaining and maybe time in a garden to potter in.

When not watching the world go by, Daisy enjoys the quiet life, so a calm home would suit her well, allowing her to relax.

Wouldn't it be good to find Daisy a new family for Christmas. Can you help Santa answer all of Daisy's prayers?