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Hand-reared kittens need your help

03 June 2020
Hand-reared kittens need your help Kittens Onyx, Moonstone, Turquoise and Topaz are being hand reared at the National Cat Adoption Centre. Their Mum wasn’t coping, so their only chance of survival was to be hand reared by dedicated staff at the centre.

They require 24-hour care including regular feeding, toileting, eye medication, cleaning and socialising to ensure they have the best possible chance of survival. 

We’re lucky to have amazing staff who are willing to step up in such instances.

Any donations will go a huge way towards helping us provide for these kittens until that are ready for homing. 

All donations will be gratefully received. Please donate here: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/ncac-handrearkittens