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Long term residents deserve a closer look

20 January 2019
Long term residents deserve a closer look As much as we love caring for cats, it makes us happiest to see them rehomed with a loving family who can give them love and attention.

There is a new home for every cat, but some stay in care longer than others. They can be overlooked for many reasons: age, ailments or simply the wrong colour.

None of these should be enough for a cat to miss out on a new home with the right family. But they can be the difference between a loving cat curling up on a warm lap or they live out their years in a care cabin.

At the National Cat Adoption Centre, we provide help and advice about rehoming our cats, working to overcome the concerns that lead to some of our longer residents being overlooked.

We believe that there is a home out there for every cat. A family for every puss. 

Take a look at these long-term resident cats and consider if you could share your home with them
Honey is 10 years old and has been with us nearly three months. She is the sweetest, most delicate little cat.

She washes her face in the gentlest of ways, with little butterfly strokes. It’s the cutest thing to watch. 

Her previous owner said she would love to curl up on the bed. She is super clever and has worked out all her food puzzles.

Honey is looking for a calm quiet home, so no young children or other pets and she will be a very happy pussy cat.

Peanut is nearly two years old and has been at the NCAC for more than two months. Peanut needs a loving home as soon as we can.

He is a delightful ginger and white lad, who was friendly in his home, but isn’t coping with all the hussle and bussle of hte Centre. He spends his days at the back of his pen, and we feel a home where he could start his new life in an outbuilding, while he adjusts and builds relations with his new owners would be best.

Then he can then choose to move into the home as and when he is ready, allowing him to settle without any pressures or overly high expectations of him. 

Check our features pages for information on how to care for cats like these.