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Long-term residents need a closer look

22 September 2017
Long-term residents need a closer look As much as we love caring for cats, it makes us happiest to see them rehomed with a loving family who can give them love and attention.

There is a new home for every cat, but some stay in care longer than others. They can be overlooked for many reasons: age, ailments or simply the wrong colour.

None of these should be enough for a cat to miss out on a new home with the right family. But they can be the difference between a loving cat curling up on a warm lap or they live out their years in a care cabin.

At the National Cat Adoption Centre, we provide help and advice about rehoming our cats, working to overcome the concerns that lead to some of our longer residents being overlooked.

We believe that there is a home out there for every cat. A family for every puss. 

Here are some of the cats who have been with us for far too long.

Take a look at these cats, with us since April 2017, and consider if you could share your home with them (further information and images can be found via the links):

Kozal is approaching the grand old age of 17 but he shows no signs of slowing down. He still has plenty of vim and vigour, and even a little swagger. Kozal suffers a little with arthritis, but this comes with being lucky enough to have lived a full and active life. Kozal needs to be a bit more active, so a loving home with a garden to stretch his legs would be good for this handsome man. Kozal is affectionate and playful, and loves to have his head and cheeks tickled.

 is a sweet natured girl who enjoys nothing more than a cuddle and a groom. She loves to play, would like a garden and, with the right introduction, could live happily with children. Would rather not live with a dog, though. 

PussPuss came to us as a stray, so was very scared on arrival. She has been having desensitisation sessions at the NCAC and has started to come out of her shell. She is developing everyday and will now come out for strokes and little head bops. Patience will be required to continue this work, so PussPuss can settle and relax back into a home environment.

George is a handsome tabby lad who, on arrival at the NCAC, found it all quite daunting. It has taken a while for him to settle and allow his truly lovely personality to shine through. He can still get a little worried with loud noises and fast movement, which is perfectly understandable, but we have no doubt he really will be delightful in a home where he is given time to adapt.

Mabel is looking for a special home, as she has been used to living outside. She loves this lifestyle, likes to be a bit more free to do as she chooses, so we are looking for a home that has a secure outbuilding or shed where Mabel can settle and get used to her new life, routines and people, and migrate towards the family home as and when she is ready. Mabel loves to play, to be stroked and have a little fuss, so do not be mislead: she just likes the outside elements where she can display her independent character. 

Please get in touch. These cats need another chance at a better life. 

Check our features pages for information on how to care for cats like these.