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National Microchipping Month

10 June 2022
During June many vet practices across the UK will offer discounted microchipping to celebrate National Microchipping Month.

For more information about microchipping: https://www.cats.org.uk/help-and-advice/neutering-and-vaccinations/microchipping-your-cat

A microchip is the size of a grain of rice, takes a few seconds to implant into a pet's scruff and contains contact details that can be accessed by a vet if the cat is found or injured.

If a pet goes missing, the microchip database managers can alert local vets so that cat and owner can be reunited.

It is important that owners keep records on the national database up to date, especially if they move home or change phone number.

Our belief is that microchipping is a major part of being a responsible pet owner. By making sure pets are reunited quickly with their owners, we can help to reduce the number of cats in shelters.

Contact your vet to discuss microchipping.