Blog feature: Cat Care Assistant Sophie

Meet another Cat Care Assistant at the National Cat Adoption Centre.

Sophie Fulford, in her own words:

My job is to care for all of the lovely cats and kittens and find them their forever homes.

The reason I love my job because of how rewarding it is. Meeting the cat on arrival to watching them leave to their new home is so lovely to see. To see the progress the cat has made, caring for them on a day to day basis.

My favourite part of the job is when a nervous cat finds trust in you. The progress is incredible from the cat hiding from you all day but with some desensitisation and just time spent with them they understand that we’re here to love them.

The most rewarding part is seeing updates from the new owner, seeing how content and settled the cats are and how loved they are. To know I was apart of that journey in finding that perfect match is what brings happiness to me.

I have a huge passion for cats. Since a young girl I had always wanted to work with animals and wanted a job which focused on helping them.

I joined Cats Protection in January 2020, two months before lockdown. When lockdown hit I was in the admissions section and I absolutely loved it. The positive during lockdown was being able to spend lots more time with the cats, getting to know them inside and out.

In May 2020 we launched our Hands-Free Homing process, which has been a brilliant success. I made my first phone call to to home a lovely cat called Doris. I had spent a couple of months with Doris so I knew her very well and I found her an ideal home with a very loving family.

I absolutely love homing and the new way of homing has been a huge success as Cats Protection has homed just over 20,000 cats since the first lockdown.

The passion that the whole team has for the cats is so strong. I just love my job. I always wake up with a smile knowing I’m going to help make a difference in the cats life.