Blog feature: Joel Scott, Volunteer Team Leader

In the lastest of our features on staff and volunteers at the National Cat Adoption Centre, we present our Volunteer Team Leader Joel Scott.
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"My name is Joel. I had a number of roles before taking on my current responsibilities as Volunteer Team Leader at the NCAC.

First, I spent seven and a half years at Cats Protection as a Cat Care Assistant and latterly a Deputy Manager. I loved both roles. They were dream jobs for me as I had always wanted to work with animals. 

I have since been an Independent Living Coordinator for the British Red Cross, managing volunteers who were providing Health and Social Care services. I did this for five years and thoroughly enjoyed my time there with the volunteers and managing the service. 

I have now returned to Cats Protection as the Volunteer Team Leader for the National Cat Adoption Centre and Eastbourne Adoption Centre. This is a new role that has been brought into the organisation.

My role is to be the team leader, support and direct contact for volunteers in these two centres. We have 140 volunteers over both centres who give an amazing amount of time and quality to the work we do and I have really enjoyed the first five months I have been working with them all.

Our volunteers bring a huge amount of experience, skills and abilities to our charity. We are very grateful for all the hard work and dedication they put in. Cats benefit from our volunteers in many different ways.

We have volunteers that are involved in the practical cat care at our centres, some do social media, some fundraise, some do admin and other roles. Every single one of them helps to give cats the best possible care."

If you are interested in volunteering with Cats Protection, please visit our  

if you have any questions, contact Joel: / 01825 741334.