Blog Feature: NCAC receptionist Emily

Emily is a receptionist at the National Cat Adoption Centre.

Take a look at Emily's blog to get a feel for an average day in her life with our resident cats.

Emily blog 28-02-2015 

Well, today has been another very busy weekend day, which is always good. 

We started with making sure all paperwork was ready for what was set to be a jam-packed day with eight cats going home, which was fantastic news. Just thinking of them all tucked up in their new homes tonight makes all the hard work worthwhile. 

There isn’t really a typical day in my role as it is so varied. My responsibilities overall are for the smooth running of reception. That includes making sure that appointments are booked and prepared for, paperwork for cats is completed and cats are signed cats into and out of our care. 

I also answer all telephone and email queries, greet visitors and deal with their enquiries, manage the waiting list of cats coming into care, and choose, prepare and arrange for cats to be transferred to our sister centre in Eastbourne. 

It is a really busy job and some days you can feel really stretched, but it is all worthwhile when you see a stray cat coming in from the bad weather, or a cat who has been in care, go to their new forever home. 

My weakness has got to be falling in love with the cats that come into our care. Each and every one of them has a story as to why they’ve come into our care, some which can break your heart. 

The one that will forever stick in my mind was a cat called Billy who came in as a stray in very bad condition. He was transferred to us from a vets who took him in after a lady brought him to them in a terrible way. After medical attention it was discovered he had been shot... seven times! 

It had rendered him blind in one eye (which later had to be removed) and only able to see slight shadows in the other. 

I fell head over heels in love with him and ended up adopting him. He is now happily living the life of a prince and is spoilt rotten, just like he should be. 

I also rescued another stray called Buddy who was involved in a road traffic accident and had to have one of his back legs removed. They are the best cats you could wish for (I know everyone says this) and really make my house a home!

There is nothing better than coming home to them after a hard day knowing that I’m spending my time at work helping other cats like them. 

Well, I had better go and do our end of day jobs. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my blog. 

Emily x 
NCAC Receptionist