Blog feature: Receptionist Steve

Steve is a receptionist at the National Cat Adoption Centre.
Take a look at Steve's blog for an average day in his life with our resident cats.
Steve's blog 10-05-2021 

I have worked at the centre since 2018. My role is varied; booking appointments, giving advice over the phone, preparing paperwork for cats arriving/leaving the centre and greeting visitors. I love my job, not just because it is working for an animal charity but because every day is different.

I start each day by preparing paperwork for cats either coming into the centre for rehoming or those that are lucky enough to be being adopted. Phone calls follow to confirm that the appointments are going ahead and processing any donations that owners/adopters are kind enough to give to us.

It is important to make sure we communicate closely with our Cat Care Assistants to make sure the process of a cat arriving or leaving the centre is as smooth as possible.

Cats come to us for a range of reasons - stray, abandoned, financial issues, moving to a home where pets aren’t allowed - and part of my role is to get key information from each owner or finder. I add the cat onto our waiting list and get it booked to come in as soon as possible.

Although our main aim is to put the cats needs first and find the best option for that cat, it’s also very important as part of my role to make sure the owner feels supported. I make the journey to relinquish their cat as smooth as possible.

I always try my best to let the owner know that they are doing the best thing for their cat, whatever their reasons. We do our best for them while in our care and find a suitable home for the cat.

The Covid-19 pandemic affected us as pretty much everyone else, but we were able to operate on a hands-free basis to continue our important work.

At first we had to adapt some working procedures but, after a short period of time, the processes became easier and are now the new normal. I do miss our supporters and visitors who come to the centre but, fingers crossed it won’t be long until we can welcome them back again.

Coming from a customer service/fundraising background, I enjoy speaking with a staff, volunteers and members of the public and supporting them as much as possible. I always try to look for solutions rather than problems as we are often faced with situations that aren’t straight forward.

I was so thrilled to have the opportunity to work for the National Cat Adoption Centre and the Cats Protection as an organisation when I was offered the job, as working for an animal charity was something I had wanted to do for a long time.

I love being part of an organisation that looks to not only rehome cats and give them the best care possible but also being able to educate and support others who have cats in the outside community itself. The team at the centre is fantastic and the best management and colleague team that I have experienced.

The best part of my job is when you see a cat come in for rehoming and later going to a new home with someone who is so excited and pleased to give that cat a loving home.

It’s just such an amazing feeling that we as a team have been part of that cat's journey to finding their forever home.

Of course I also love spending time with cats during break times to give them extra fuss, such as the stunning Simba pictured here.