Cats Can Cheer the Soul

The internet and social media sites are full of photos and videos of cats. Cute cats, cats doing amusing things, even cats that 'talk'.

At the National Cat Adoption Centre we see many beautiful cats passing through our doors. In fact, too many, as we would prefer that our facilities were needed far less.

But while we have such fine felines in our care, it seems only fair to share some of them with the world. 

So, for your enjoyment - and, hopefully, to encourage some of you to consider rehoming a cat - here are some of the cats that have already found a new home.

Our thanks go to photographer Martin Dewhurst for these wonderful shots, capturing the character in our cats.

(note: The lucky cats in this gallery have already found their new homes. They are not available from NCAC, although we do have plenty more from which to pick a new pet.)