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We are always looking for volunteers. 

Fostering with Cats Protection 

Fostering is just one way you can be part of these happy endings for cats in your community! As a fosterer you take a cat into your home temporarily and provide the care and TLC it needs until it finds its new forever home. Some fosterers ‘house’ their foster cats in a cat pen in their garden or yard while others prefer to provide a spare room in their house for their foster cats.

Fostering not only benefits cats and kittens, it provides cat lovers with an opportunity to give back and help cats in the best way they can.

Almost anyone can foster, you just need spare time to care for cats, be confident around cats, have a caring but practical personality, enjoy interacting with people and are happy to follow our cat care standards and charity policies. A thirst for knowledge around all things cat and happy to keep up-to-date information and complete paperwork for cats in care are also key for this role.
In return for your time, commitment and all the TLC you can offer cats we provide everything that you and your foster cat will require:

• Cat accommodation eg a cat cabin or equipment to adapt a spare room
• Food, litter, bedding, bowls, litter trays and toys for your foster cat
• Veterinary treatment for Cats Protection cats/kittens in your care
• Help, support and training so you feel confident and happy as a fosterer

Please get in touch with us if you would like to find out more about becoming a fosterer or volunteering with Cats Protection.


Are you a lover of the great outdoors? then helping with our trap, neuter and return programme could be the role for you. Trapping involves visiting a site to assess the situation, implementing a feeding pattern then trapping the cat. Once the cat is trapped it will need to be transported to a vet and eventually returned to the original site.

Home Visitor

Your role is to help find our feline friends happy, caring and suitable homes. You communicate with potential adopters, match cats and kittens with new homes and provide support to new cat owners. This is a rewarding role, as our volunteer home visitors play a vital part in helping cats and kittens find their perfect forever homes.