Fostering FAQ's

1. Can you foster if you already have pets?
Yes, Many of our fosterers have other pets. All you need is a room where you can keep your foster cat/s separate from your pets and you are good to go.
2. Can I foster if I live on a busy road?
Yes, our foster cats aren't allowed outside due to the short time they are with us, so fostering is ideal for people living in places where a permanent cat wouldn't be appropriate.
3. Can I just foster kittens?
Yes, we can take your preferences into account so if you only want to take kittens or adult cats that's fine.
4. Is there an application process?
We ask you to fill in an application form(non qualification based) which you will find in our volunteering section, for the protection of the public and the cats. Then we would have an informal chat with you to answer any questions you have and give you a more in-depth idea of what to expect from fostering.
5. I'd love to foster but I couldn't give the cats up.
Everyone thinks this and it can be hard especially with your first foster cat or those you have built up a special bond with, but it's so rewarding to see them go onto their forever homes and you can have a new foster cat in as soon as the next day if you wanted, so there isn't too much time to be sad.
6. What type of room do I need to foster?
A pet free room, not carpeted (although there are ways around this) is all you need. If you are renting you also need the landlords permission.
7. Can a foster cat have the run of the house?
Due to the risk of spreading disease when you have multiple cats coming in one after the other, we try to keep foster cats in one room and give it a thorough clean after each cat leaves.
8. Does fostering cost me anything?
No, it shouldn't cost you a penny. We provide everything you need for your foster cat and if you need to buy anything you can claim it back as expenses and we will refund you.
9. Do I need experience with cats to foster?
No, we can support you in what you need to know. We have online training courses and you can attend fully funded training days. You will pick things up very quickly when fostering.
10. Can I foster if I work full time?
Yes some of our fosterers work full time, part time or don't work at all.
11. How much time does fostering take up?
It can vary, but the minimum needed is to keep the room clean, feeding the cat/s, and giving them some fuss and playtime. It could take under an hour, but we find that some of our fosterers spend lots of time with the cats, especially if they need to be socialised, but some who are busy just do the basics.
12. Do you paid to foster?
No, it's a voluntary role but you do get all your expenses paid so your won't be out of pocket.
13. How long do cats normally stay in foster?
It varies, as sometimes our cats are with us just a few days and others don't get adopted for a few months.