Beautiful Bella

The fosterer's story:

Beautiful Bella arrived very scared and very hissy. She viewed us all with great caution! Bella initially warmed to our teenage daughter and they soon became firm friends. Maybe Bella recognised a kindred soul who also worried and was trying hard to overcome adversity ....? Bella has three legs, but like our daughter, refuses to be defined by disability or health issues. In time Bella warmed to us all, greeting us with her distinctive meow! Bella loved being held and cuddled and enjoyed being part of Zoom calls during lockdown, a novel way to socialise for both cats and people. Bella was always there with lots of love to give and soon assumed the role of cat therapist in difficult times. Bella showed great resilience in recovering from a thyroidectomy and dental surgery. Once fully recovered she was lucky to find just the right owner. We all adored her but are so glad she found her forever home.
Quote from Bella's new owner:

“I adopted Bella on the 22nd December. She is a lovely little tortoiseshell. She took a while to get used to me but I was patient with her and it took about 6 weeks before she was fully settled. She is very happy now and loves her cuddles. She kisses me and head butts me which is so endearing. I love her very much, she means the world to me. I lost my husband last June and having Bella has made such a difference, helping me through my grief and having someone to focus on. Cats Protection has been fantastic, especially Alison and Jo who made the whole process very easy and simple. I can’t thank them enough and I urge anyone out there thinking of getting a rescue cat please do it. There are so many who need good homes and it’s well worth it.”

Reproduced courtesy of owner.