Success Story Updates

Some success stories from cats that went to their new homes in March:


My name was Jelly and now I have a new name, Bonnie. I also have a new mum and my favourite spot is on her lap. Big thanks to all at Cats Protection for finding me a new forever home. 


Since adopting this little cat he has flourished and grown into an irreplaceable member of our family. He was incredibly shy and quiet when we adopted him. Now he is a chatty, friendly little guy full of personality. This message is to help demonstrate the great work that cats Protection do finding lovely cats the best homes.


Topaz is know as "Pretty Kittie" Her owner's daughter Alexandra is her best friend and they both like to pose for the camera. Her favourite thing is to hunt leaves .... come Autumn she brings her owner lots and meows very proudly for her reward!

Toast and Marmite:



Georgie Girl: