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25 January 2021


There is a petition going before Parliament at the moment to make it compulsory to microchip your pet.  This would be a real help in protecting all cats.




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The Missing Lynx (No not the Missing Link!) 

On 1st October last year, a neighbour’s cat, who had very recently been rehomed from Cats Protection, went missing, but the microchip was still registered to Cats Protection.

We all immediately sprang into action with posters and flyers printed. Social media were involved - a real RED ALERT. So followed lots of footslogging, searching, delivering of flyers, many phone calls and reported sightings were followed up.  Having almost given up hope, we received a call on 5th December from a vet saying a cat had been brought in and she had a CP chip.    JOY UPON JOY.....After all those weeks wandering poor Lynx looked dirty and somewhat underweight but the vet gave her the all-clear.

We are so grateful to the gentleman who found her in a disused building which he was renovating when he heard a little cry...  He went home and picked up a carrier and after coaxing with treats, he was able to pick her up – so all was well.

Once again, it illustrates to all cat owners just how IMPORTANT it is to microchip your pet....... and if you move home, update the details giving your new address and phone numbers.   This is the most common thing that people forget to do and is so vital to the safety of your cat – rather like not telling the Royal Mail that you have moved home!

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