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Neutering campaign

14 February 2017
Neutering campaign NEUTERING - WE CAN ASSIST YOU.


Is your kitten or cat aged over 4 months old??  If so, its time to neuter!

Have more than one cat?  Feral colony?  Farm cats?  Factory cats?  - we can help you too.  Just get in touch.

Contact us via our helpine at 0345 371 4218 or email us at northayrshirecatsprotection@gmail.com and let us know:-

  • Your contact details
  • the age and sex of your cat (or cats)
  • name of the vet practice you use (or would prefer to use)
  • let us know if you have a cat basket
  • do you need assistance with transport.  

We will then be in touch with you to organise assistance.  
We look for a £5 donation per cat for neutering and we will assist with the rest of the costs.

We do this because the less unnecessary breeding of kittens helps us reach more cats in need each year saving stray cats from a life of starvation, illness and neglect on our streets.  

Neutering is one of Cats Protections key aims and with neutering we can help reduce the number of unwanted cats born in the UK each year.

Apart from breeding, their are many reasons why you should consider neutering your cat.  Un-neutered cats wander and are more likely to be involved in road accidents, cats can become more territorial when not neutered and this leads to fighting (increased vet bills) and spraying.

If you are on a low income then part payment vouchers are available to assist with the cost of neutering.  Currently £26 for a female and £20 for a male.  Additional financial support is available if you would honestly struggle with the cost.  If you would welcome assistance with the cost please do get in touch with us.

Under special circumstances we can assist with the full cost of neutering your cat/kitten - funds are limited but if you need help please do ask.