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A happy Christmas ahead for Skywhisker and Fawkes ...

10 December 2017
A happy Christmas ahead for Skywhisker and Fawkes ...

September kitten adopters Rosie Marsh and Gareth England of Solihull have let Cats Protection know just ‘how their CP kittens Coco and Callie are getting on’ after their first three months in their new home.

Says Rosie: “Well, their names are now Skywhisker and Faukes and they have grown so much - especially Skywhisker who rather enjoys her food! They’re very well suited to their new names with their playful adorable natures.

“The kittens have settled in well and are very much part of the family. And they’re certainly enjoying playing with the baubles on the Christmas tree. We feel very lucky to have them. Thanks to all the volunteers and fosterers in North Birmingham for taking good care of our cuties until we came along to adopt them.”

Callie and Coco (now Skywhisker and Fawkes) pictured in their new home in the run-up to Christmas with their devoted adopters, Rosie and Gareth, and on the summers day they left their CP fosterers to go to their forever home.