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Asda Perry Barr : a bucketful of thanks!

17 August 2019
Asda Perry Barr : a bucketful of thanks!

One of CP’s fundraising volunteers is Sue Morgan of Pype Hayes – often called the can-shake-queen!  And after organising the latest fundraising event, she has a lot of folk to thank. Says Sue: “What a great day we had at Asda Perry Barr in July. Big thanks to everyone who supported our bucket collection which raised more than £130 for needy cats and kittens’. 

Pictured are CP fundraising volunteers Suresh, Pam, Kathy and Bridget. The July Perry Barr Asda bucket collection was Suresh’s ‘first event as a new volunteer’.  Says Suresh, who hails from Sandwell: I love cats – love the way they demand attention but on their own terms - they're like mini bosses! I’ll definitely be returning to Asda. I enjoyed meeting customers and seeing their smiles when I offered a cat sticker!”

Asda collections are every quarter and the next ‘bucket date’ is at Asda Queslett on the 16th November. Sue says that both stores are ‘supportive, with great community champions like Michaela Hawthorn and Bella Thomas’. 

Bella confirms how Asda likes to help the community – and the cats. "It’s always a pleasure to have the North Birmingham Cats Protection team in store. They’re a friendly engaging bunch - a real hit with the customers. They offer all sorts of cat care advice – especially around neutering – and other support too to the customers who stop for a cat-chat. I love my job as an ASDA Community Champion - getting to liaise with local charities and good causes – it’s good for the soul! It’s a great way of reminding our customers of all the amazing people in our community who volunteer their time to help others – inspirational.”

Sounds like purrs all round !

** The North Birmingham branch welcomes volunteers in all areas - fundraising, fostering, media/website help and education - and lots of admin roles that involve just an hour or two a week. Call the helpline - 0345 260 1503 - with your details and a volunteer will get in touch.