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Be prepared ...

23 May 2019
Be prepared ...

A local Cub Pack of boys and girls were well prepared when Cats Protection education volunteers Pam Wood and Sheila Pennell went along to share a fun evening with them and their leaders and engage with ‘all things cat’.

It seemed most of the 177Th Birmingham Cubs had experience of dogs and cats, and surprised their CP visitors with their knowledge of the five welfare needs of felines. So much so that when it came to the task of making a ‘happy home’ for cats with props provided, all four groups found it exciting but relatively easy. So maybe lots more achievement badge-sewing for everyone!

The Cubs meet at Erdington Methodist church, and the presentation was booked by Cub leader Elizabeth Baizon, whose Cub name is Akela, after the wolf who led the wolf pack in the Jungle Book, meaning Wise Wolf. Afterwards she wrote:

“The Cubs had a great time - it was good to see them so engaged. I have attached some photos and the Beaver leader has already said she’d love you to come along again to present to them. Thank you once again for visiting us, the Cubs had a great time.”

Says CP volunteer education speaker Sheila: “Pam and I really enjoyed the evening. And we got a big loud B R A V O from the Cubs as we finished. We can’t wait to return and hopefully work our cat magic on the younger group, the Beavers. Pam and I learnt a lot about the Cub ‘names’ too. We met young leaders Mowgli,  Mang, Raksha, Chil, Warbeck and Mysa - all names that come from the Kipling's Jungle Book. We met young leader Caroline too.  

"Thank you Akela. The enlightening was definitely mutual! And our thanks to the Cubs and their parents for the cat food and goodies donated. We hope the Cubs enjoy colouring/decorating their cat-masks over the holiday." 

*Any school or group wanting to book a talk or find out more, can make contact with Kelly Matthews on 07791 457729, or e-mail kelly.matthews@cats.org.uk

For more information about talks, how to book a talk on-line, and teacher resources available, see the website cats.org.uk/education