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Cats Protection charity shop welcomes Clair...

19 March 2019
Cats Protection charity shop welcomes Clair...


After volunteering since November at the Cats Protection shop on Erdington High Street, Clair Farr of Spring Lane has joined the management team – and doesn’t live ‘far’ away!

Manager Anita Byers is delighted to welcome Clair on board as her assistant. “We had lots of applicants for the job but Clair had all the right credentials – except she has a pet dog – Lucky - rather than a cat!”

And a big ‘plus’ for Clair is that she lives so nearby she has ‘just a ten minute walk to work’.

Says Clair, who is Mum to 3-year old Isabelle: “I started volunteering last November because I was keen to ‘make more of a difference’ after moving to Erdington from Northfield. I love the vibrancy of Erdington’s High Street. It’s great living just ten minutes walk from work and to have a job with a charity that raises funds for needy cats in North Birmingham.  And we can make sure customers know that if they are on a low income or benefits they can get their own cats neutered with the ‘£5 to neuter your cat’ scheme. We can always give out the helpline number too – whatever their cat query - 0345 260 1503.”

Pictured is the new assistant manager of the Erdington CP shop, Clair Farr, who started volunteering last November, alongside manager Anita Byers.  

*The shop welcomes donations, especially ladies and children’s clothing, and is open every day, including Sundays. Anyone wishing to volunteer can call in at the shop, chat with Anita or Clair, and complete an application form.