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CP direct service celebrates ten years of success ...

01 August 2018
CP direct service celebrates ten years of success ...

Did you know that the North Birmingham branch of Cats Protection has been helping pet-owners in difficulties to get their cat adopted ‘directly’ via the Directs Page of the website for ten years now?

Not every branch offers this scheme, but it’s been very successful here in North Birmingham. Several volunteers have managed the page in different ways, with different ideas, over the decade.

One of the latest cats featured on Directs is 5-year-old Rafi. His owner Naomi of Moseley has sent in so many photos, CP thought at least one deserved pride of place on the news page – and see if it brings Naomi lots of enquiries to adopt – he is such a gorgeous boy!

Naomi needs to find Rafi (pictured right) a new home and says he is ‘snipped, chipped and vaxed, affectionate, playful, chatty, and has lovely green eyes.’

And the reason for parting? Naomi says she has spent 18 months trying to get her ‘first cat’ Barnaby and new addition Rafi to get on with each other, but it hasn’t worked out. It’s left her heartbroken. Call Naomi if Rafi’s new Mum or Dad could be you. Contact Naomi on 07789 953391. You can swap relevant details and take it from there. 

*On the Directs page, take a look at other cats who need new homes and some of the success stories from direct adoptions over the years. Often these cats are vaccinated, microchipped and neutered and come with a ‘full history’ from their current owner. They are free to a good home, and CP suggests that the relinquisher checks the suitability of the possible new home while the potential adopter is sure that the cat is the ‘right one’ to suit their lifestyle and family circumstances.  

To find the direct page, click on adopt a cat, then underneath see the option 'click to see more direct cats here'.
There is no charge for using the scheme. All the cats advertised are free to a good home, but donations from either party are welcomed by Cats Protection. Often direct cats go with their carrier, bed, favourite toys, food bowls and litter trays.