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Dolly and Chloe - two of a kind ...

23 June 2018
Dolly and Chloe - two of a kind ...

Stop press: 4 July! Chloe has been adopted by an understanding and patient owner! Just Dolly to go. Who will come forward to make her day? 

Dolly and Chloe are two of a kind – both abandoned young Mums whose kittens have flown the nest and  are now desperate for a loving home of their own.

Trouble is they’re not playing the obligatory‘I’m a really fussy friendly fabulous feline’ game (that’s the ploy canny cats use to get themselves adopted) – Chloe even had the cheek to give the vet a bit of a nip! And he only had her best interests at heart.

Pure black Dolly looks mean, but it’s her way of seeking out someone who can read between the furry frown lines on her forehead and see her for the good girl she is planning to become – honest!

Here’s what Dolly’s fosterer says - the unexpurgated version ...  

“Dear Dolly was a stray who hitched up with a bad boy called Billy nearby a cattery, and the kind cattery owners took her in when the weather turned cold. Soon there was the patter of tiny paws and Dolly and her babies were taken into CP Branch care. With a patchy past, it’s no wonder she’s tentative around humans but it’s not all bad – Dolly likes being stroked when the guaranteed reward is Dreamies! She’s been a great Mum, and her three kittens have gone to happy homes. So Dolly has joined in and meowed ‘me too - I want a kind home'. And in case anyone is wondering, Billy has been neutered, so there won’t be any more offspring where Dolly’s came from.”

As for Chloe, her Erdington fosterer gives her history: “Chloe is around 18 months old and was handed in as a ‘stray living locally’. Like Dolly, she had 3 kittens who’ve now found homes. Chloe is terrified of humans, so the home she needs is with adults only who are patient, experienced cat owners. She’s grumpy so for anyone who likes a challenge, she’s your girl! She’ll need access to the outdoors as that could be the key to her future happiness. Just now, Chloe is not friendly and life in a pen is far from ideal. Is someone who could offer Chloe the right home out there? If so, do please get in touch.”

*We're looking for two of a kind ... one for Dolly and one for Chloe!