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Eager Beavers welcome Cats Protection ...

25 October 2019
Eager Beavers welcome Cats Protection ...

A happy bunch of Beavers – boys and girls – enjoyed an early evening of cat-related fun on the 27th of September at the Methodist church in Erdington.  

North Birmingham education volunteers Pam Wood and Sheila Pennell were joined by Homing Team Lead Elaine Berry to present on ‘all things cats’ to the Beavers and their leaders –Ahmeek, Red Beaver, Silver Beaver, Sunshine Beaver and young leader Ringtail Beaver.  

Says Sheila: “We’d given a presentation to an older group – Cubs - a few weeks prior, and were booked again – this time for the younger group.  As always, we covered the five welfare needs of felines and answered all the eager-Beavers questions. They’d listened well and taken a lot on board – and proved it when it came to the task of making a ‘happy home’ for cats with the props we provided. They prepared the litter trays (always a messy job!), food bowls, beds and blankets, and chucked out what was bad for cats – like pizza and dog food.” 

Confirmed Pam, Education Lead: “Elaine, Sheila and myself really enjoyed the evening and we got a big loud BRAVO from the Beavers  as we finished. Big thanks to leaders  Lynn and Paul (Beaver names Ahmeek and Red Beaver) for inviting us in and helping us present, and to the Beavers parents for the cat food and goodies donated. We hope the Beavers enjoy colouring/decorating their cat-masks. I think there was a possible prize in it for the best!

“We’re happy to visit all sorts of similar groups and regularly go into schools and colleges too. Sheila and I presented to 60 reception pupils at Twickenham Primary early in October – another hectic but happy day.”


*The next North Birmingham branch education workshop is for the Cubs who meet at Boldmere Gate and the date is Wednesday 6 November, at 7pm.

*Any school or group wanting to book a talk or find out more, can make contact with Kelly Matthews on 07791 457729, or e-mail kelly.matthews@cats.org.uk

For more information about talks, how to book a talk on-line, and teacher resources available, see the website cats.org.uk/education.