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Feral felines find fabulous new home at Grimscote Manor

22 March 2017
Feral felines find fabulous new home at Grimscote Manor A few months ago, North Birmingham Cats Protection received a call from a concerned landlord about the community of stray cats taking up residence in and around his garden. When CP arrived on the scene, over a dozen strays in varying conditions was counted. 

Our ultimate goal, of course, was to rehome the cats. The cats first came into foster care, where health examinations were carried out and attempts at socialisation. Most cats were fine, but three - Gypsy, Giovanni and Gladys - were quite unhappy. 

Giovanni is one of three CP rescue cats now living happily at Grimscote Manor in Coleshill.

Rather than remain in an environment where they felt anxious, CP decided it would be best they were able to live outdoors, where they would be happiest. Ideally, somewhere where they coule be looked after yet safe. 

Bearing all of this in mind, Fosterer Sheila Pennell contacted the management of Grimscote Manor Hotel in Coleshill, who said they would be 'delighted' to provide a safe haven for the cats. Volunteer Tony Huggins set to work on revamping a large dog cage, creating different levels for the cats to climb on and separate spaces for sleeping and eating. Whenever moving cats to a new home, it is important to keep them indoors for a time to allow them to adjust to new sights, sounds and smells and recognise the new place as home. The cats were kept in the stables for a while till they got used to their new country pad.

The lovely-looking cats are now enjoying the safety and freedom of living in the grounds of Grimscote Manor, where they roam around 4 acres of woodlands and landscaped gardens as they please. The outbuildings dotted about the grounds provide shelter whenever the cats need to escape from the elements. Hotel staff care for the cats and even provide the occasional bit of affection when a cat feels so inclined.

A true Cinderella story for three shy stray cats who now live in the lap of luxury!