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Huggable Harry makes Molly happy ...

27 June 2017
Huggable Harry makes Molly happy ...

A purr-fect pet cat is up for a national Cats Protection award because he ‘makes life happier’ for Sutton schoolgirl Molly Cassidy who has autism. Her fluffy Maine Coon cat, Harry, helps Molly to express emotions and feel less isolated.

Their remarkable bond has led to Harry being shortlisted for the prestigious award. He beat hundreds of other entries to take his place as one of three contenders in the Furr-ever Friends category, celebrating tales of friendship between cats and children. Four-year-old Harry was selected as a finalist in recognition of the daily support and comfort he brings to young Molly.

Mum Jeanette, of Streetly Lane, explains: “Molly finds it very difficult to share emotions with people, and would never say she loves another person, but I hear her talking to Harry all the time about how much she loves him.

“They are always together and Molly talks to Harry about things that she finds hard. I don’t think she would be the person she is now without him, and I believe Harry has helped her in a way no person ever could.

“Molly has even taught Harry some tricks and they have a lot of fun together. He stops her from feeling isolated and accepts her exactly as she is.”

Molly’s face lights up when she speaks about Harry. "When I'm at home, I enjoy spending time with Harry more than anyone in the whole world. He gets me, and I get him."

North Birmingham volunteers have their ‘paws crossed’ for Harry. He’s certainly a winner with Molly, judging by that smile! (picture courtesy of Fabio de Paola/PA Wire)  

** Cats Protection’s National Cat Awards, sponsored by PURINA®, is an annual celebration of the real-life stories of heroism, loyalty and companionship in the feline world. The winners will be announced at the ceremony at the Savoy Hotel in London on Thursday 3 August.