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Kathryn and her cats captivate the Press ...

10 August 2017
Kathryn and her cats captivate the Press ...

When Cats Protection volunteer Kathryn Cartwright celebrated International Cat Day on the 8th August by ‘tweeting’ pictures of the cats she has fostered, she was pleasantly surprised at how much Press interest it generated. And ‘hopes it will encourage more people to take up fostering cats and kittens in North Birmingham'.

Says Kathryn, who has been fostering for two years and has kept count – 37 cats and kittens - over that time: “My fostering experience was taken up by the Independent.ie, The Belfasttelegraph.co.uk, BT.com and Irishnews.com, so hopefully has reached far and wide.”

Lucy Marshall of the charity’s media team summarised the coverage: “This incredible lady has fostered 37 cats in less than two years. Kathryn Cartwright, from Sutton Coldfield, was left with a debilitating lung disease after receiving a stem cell transplant, and decided that she would use her time to foster cats and kittens for CP. Kathryn, aged 26, has fostered 37 cats in under two years, and doesn't show signs of stopping any time soon.”

Kathryn herself adds: “Fostering has been really good in giving me something useful to do. Our welfare officer and fellow volunteers are so good at accommodating my needs, giving me only what I can handle. I’d tell people it isn’t always super easy, but it is worth it for what you get out of it. Cats are all different, each with their own personalities. They make me laugh so much, and when you get one to the point where they want to sit on you when at first they would run away, it’s so heart-warming. I’ve had them come in to me timid and nervous, but when they’ve left for their new homes after lots of love and socialisation, they’ve been ideal, lovely kittens.”

** Anyone interested in becoming a fosterer for the North Birmingham Branch can leave a message with the helpline for details, and a volunteer will call back.