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Kids enjoy cat-craft and feline-fun at Erdington library ...

20 August 2019
Kids enjoy cat-craft and feline-fun at Erdington library ...

A dozen or more local children on holiday from school enjoyed a ‘craft and cat-chat’ afternoon at Erdington library on Monday 19th August – and the local press sent a photographer along to capture the kids having fun.

North Birmingham Cats Protection volunteers Sheila, Pam and Emma ensured there were ‘lots of cat masks and cut-out cats to colour – and lots of glitter and sparkle too to make the children’s take-home creations extra moggie-memorable’.

Education volunteers Sheila, Pam and Emma are pictured with Birches Green school-boy Rosen, who is 7. He enjoyed the Cats Protection craft-and-story-afternoon at Erdington library along with around a dozen other younsters

Says Education lead Pam Wood: “We like to do these library events as children and their parents or carers pick-up a lot of good cat-care advice and get to know about the work of Cats Protection. We finish off with a lively game where the children find all the items we’ve hidden around the bookshelves – like cans of cat food, bowls, litter trays and toys – and between them, they make a little ‘home’ – one that will make a cat happy.  And our Education team ensures they all get cat goodies – badges, balloons and books. We hope they go home knowing a lot more about cats and their welfare needs than they did before.”

Volunteer Sheila contacted the Sutton Coldfield Observer about the event, and they said they’d like to send a photographer along to take photographs for the paper. Says Sheila: “The Mums were very keen on knowing what day the paper came out, and where they could buy it! So that part of the event, the photographer getting all the children to pose and smile, went down well too.”

Emma is a crafts-volunteer extraordinaire, and had organised dozens of previous library and school events prior to a maternity break. Says Emma: I loved being back in the feline fold and it felt as though I'd never been away. It was great to don the blue CP shirt again – must do it more often – and I must thank Pat Pedder and all the library staff for their support of the event and offering the venue.’

A new volunteer, Steve Bryant, turned up to help too. He proved he had more ‘puff’ than anyone else, and the balloons he blew up were definitely the biggest!

*The photographs should appear in the Sutton Coldfield Observer shortly : CP thanks to the SCO for sending along their super photographer, Richard Harris, and to the Erdington library staff - Pat, Ann, Michael and everyone who made the event such a success.