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Library hosts feline-fun day for youngsters ...

31 August 2018
Library hosts feline-fun day for youngsters ...

Local children and their Mums were treated to story-telling and were soon involved in lots of fun cat-related activities at Erdington Library on Thursday, 30 August.

Education volunteers with North Birmingham Branch of Cats Protection were on hand to entertain girls and boys aged between just one year and seven years old. And within an hour they could answer all the questions around ‘what makes a cat happy’ and ‘what makes a cat sad’.  

Pam Wood of Cats Protection and Pat Pedder of the library set up the mornings activities – and were delighted and surprised to discover  ‘how much the children already knew, how much they picked up during the session, and how well-behaved and responsive they were’.  

Says Pam, pictured showing the children what a flea looks like – a creature that definitely makes a cat itchy and sad - “These library sessions are always fun and, we hope, informative too. We made sure there were lots of moving around activities, as well as sitting, listening, learning, and telling us about their own pets. And the opportunity to do lots of colouring of cat masks afterwards. Our thanks to the library for support from their staff, and the Mums who brought their offspring along. We hope everyone enjoyed it.”