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Model students enjoy moggie-modules ...

11 February 2015
Model students enjoy moggie-modules ... Three volunteers with North Birmingham Cats Protection joined cat-colleagues from all over the region to ‘learn more about felines’ in Derby on Saturday 7th February – and came away feeling ‘inspired, supported and more knowledgeable'.

New volunteer Bridget Sullivan-Blakeney drove ‘old hands’ Lynn Walker and Sheila Pennell to the Hallpark Hotel, where CP had booked two training rooms to cover module 1 – infectious diseases, disease control and health-checking,  and module 4 – pregnancy, neo-natal care and hand-rearing.  

Not only did they learn a lot from excellent trainers Lisa Morrow and Dawn Gibson, but found networking with volunteers from far and wide invaluable and thought-provoking. All the participants enjoyed a delicious lunch too in the hotel restaurant – a much-appreciated bonus! 

Pictured are volunteers Lynn Walker and Bridget Sullivan-Blakeney who both benefited from Module 1 - infectious diseases, disease control and health-checking - run by CP and held in Derby on 7th February.

Bridget, who works in mental health and wants to do ‘hands on volunteering’, found the driving easy as her family hails from Derby and she visits regularly. Summing up the day, she enthused:  “The presentations were interactive with practical insights – and the day was a great opportunity to network. I felt inspired and supported – and can’t wait for a day-out on the road with Shaki, branch welfare officer.”

Lynn Walker, who is a long established CP fosterer, agreed. “I thoroughly enjoyed the day, found it informative and well organised, and am looking forward to the next one. I’ve much more to offer the cats and kittens in my care now when I’m fostering."

The module Sheila attended included seeing a mum-cat give birth. She was intrigued to discover Mum might act as if it’s all over after four kittens then, 24 hours later, produce another two! “This can be because her kittens have two dads, thus there were two conceptions maybe a day or two apart. And that explains different kitten colourings, characteristics and potential to survive those first few weeks too.”

** Other volunteers who would like to take advantage of relevant VIDs (Volunteer Information Days) can request a copy of the 2015 programme via Sheila Pennell, or find it on catnav.