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Momma Mia and Lottie turn a house into a home ...

26 August 2017
Momma Mia and Lottie turn a house into a home ...


Sarah and Kevin O'Brien, a young couple who live in Streetly and both work for the same law firm, decided to ‘start a family’ in 2017 – but not babies! They put in a request to Cats Protection for two kittens.

They wanted females but, when they heard of young Mum-and-daughter - black and white Paola and cute torti Peekaboo - they decided to view and were, of course, smitten. Sarah has stayed in touch with the fosterer, and regularly sends photos to show how well they are doing. The names have changed, and the bonding and love grows every day. Here’s what Sarah has written about her new family – Mum Mia and baby Lottie.

“My husband Kevin and I adopted our cats, Mia and Lottie, a few months ago from Cats Protection North Birmingham. We have both previously had cats and were missing having them around which is why we decided to adopt.

Mia and Lottie are mother and daughter and they get on so well. We are really glad that we had a mother and daughter together as they look out for each other and keep each other company. They have settled into our home and family so well and have made our house a real home.

We are both out at work all day but we find it so easy to look after them. We make sure that we spend quality time with them on the evenings and at weekends. It really is such a pleasure to play with them and we love coming home to them after a long day at work. They are always happily waiting for us to arrive home and give them a fuss.

We are so happy that we adopted our cats from Cats Protection. We’ve changed their names but we wouldn’t change anything else about our new furry friends."