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Needy Mitsy amazes Kim and Paul ...

01 October 2017
Needy Mitsy amazes Kim and Paul ...

October update ! Mitsy's owners remain delighted, and Mitsy herself is now enjoying a full 'cat' life - out in the garden having adventures - her missing leg seemingly a distant memory! Here's the latest news from Kim and Paul:

"We thought you might like an update on Mitsy. She is doing fabulously. She never stops playing, only to sleep, the rest of the time she’s on the go, racing around everywhere, skidding on our wooden floors, playing with anything she can get her paws on.

She gets on really well with the grandchildren as well, loves them to play with her, and she is very gentle, no claws or biting. In fact she likes a lot of company so when we have visitors she gets involved!

We’ve just started to let her out in the garden as she was getting very frustrated being inside all the time, looking out of the window and not being able to get out. We stayed with her all the time the first few times, now we are always around but maybe in the house or garage, and she comes and goes as she wants, but she never goes very far. We leave the doors open although she can use the cat flap ok. She comes for a fuss whenever she wants one.

She is an absolute joy and we’re so lucky to have her. Many thanks to all at Cats Protection.

Kim & Paul. xx "

Mitsy the one-year old tabby may have lost a leg, but with a new Mum and Dad to cherish her, she seems to know what a lucky puss she is. And she’s proved it by being ‘such a delight’ to her adopters, Kim and Paul of Four Oaks.

Says super-new Misty-Mum Kim: “We saw Mitsy on the North Birmingham Cats Protection website and, to be honest, weren’t sure about taking on a three-legged cat, but my husband and I talked it through and thought ‘Well, why not give a home to the neediest cat, with the saddest background, rather than a ‘straight out of the box purr-fect kitten?’ And so, after going through the homing process, we viewed Mitsy and decided she was the one for us.”

“Her amputation was recent, and she was struggling to cope. A special wide shelf had been made for her by her fosterers, and a wide ladder for her to access her sleeping quarters. But once we got her home we were amazed! Already, within a week, she wears herself out running about everywhere, up and down stairs, all around, then has a lovely rest sleeping in the sun on our bed! We didn't allow previous pets on the bed, but how could we say no to Mitsy, when it's such good physio for her to jump up - and displaying such happiness to have a home and a comfy bed too! 

“At the weekend, we had our extended family visit, and so as not to stress Mitsy, we let her have a lazy session on the bed with the door gently closed. But each youngster went in one at a time with their Mums to have a peak, and she was fine with the children and everyone loved her.”

Fosterer Sheila confirms how heartwarming it is to have such positive feedback. “What lovely photos Kim has sent us of her new charge - and from them we can see Mitsy is becoming strong as well as confident and content after her recent woes. Kim’s e-mail said: “Once again, many thanks for introducing us – she really is a joy.” 

And the very latest Mitsy-missive is just as positive: "We hope our experience with Mitsy will be an incentive for people to consider adopting the less fortunate cats. She’s more at home than ever now, comes to meet us when we come in, lets us pick her up and give her a cuddle, which she loves." 

*Currently North Birmingham Branch is looking for volunteers in every sphere - fostering, homing and admin/IT. Call the helpline with your details and a volunteer will get back in touch.